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Consent to Treatments

We care about our patients and we believe in making sure they have been given all the options, including the risks and benefits of each option before undertaking any treatment in our surgery.  We have consent forms for all our Dental Treatments and Facial Aesthetics Treatments which will be given to all our patients prior to treatment commencing at our surgery. These must be signed and dated by the patient and one copy will be kept in their record cards.  We have consent forms for the following treatments. 


Consent for Photographs

Consent for Dental Implants

Consent for Bone Graft Surgery

Consent for Choice of Bone Used for Bone Grafting

Consent for Sinus Lift Surgery

Consent for Root Canal Treatment

Consent for Replacing teeth

Consent for Crown

Consent for Bridgework

Consent for Oral Surgery

Consent for Sedation

Consent for Veneers

Consent for Fillings

Consent for Hygiene Treatment

Consent for Periodontal Treatment

Consent for Crown Lengthening

Consent for Botulinum Toxin A Treatments

Consent for Dermal Fillers Treatments

Consent for Home Whitening

Consent for Office Whitening

Consent for Fast Braces

Consent for Data to be used only when referring patients to Hospital or Community Dentists