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Disaster Recovery Policy

Escentics is committed to Disaster Recovery planning in order to:

  • Protect the staff, patients and property, including buildings, equipment and other assets and resources.
  • Protect the delivery of the Escentics aims and objectives
  • Preserve the key strategic themes of Dental Treatment.
  • Protect Escentics reputation.
  • Ensure compliance with statutory obligations.
  • The objective of this Disaster Recovery Policy is to ensure that Escentics has in place the necessary structures and procedures to respond to an untoward incident, of any magnitude, and manage the subsequent recovery.
  • A Disaster Recovery Plan allows Escentics to better control an untoward incident and thus reduce the immediate danger posed to staff, students and the public.  It also facilitates an expeditious recovery to normal activity, whilst protecting Escentics’s assets, reputation and interests.
  • Disaster Recovery planning includes the Preparation required, prior to an incident, the Response to an incident or disaster and the Recovery of Escentics’s critical activities after an incident.
  • Escentics will maintain an up-to-date central Disaster Recovery Plan and will be prepared for emergencies and to update these at least annually.
  • These procedures, in conjunction with risk management, will also ensure that an appropriate level of resilience is built into Escentics’s key activities to minimise the impact of an incident and facilitate expeditious recovery. 
  • This Policy will be reviewed annually by the Practice Manager