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How many of us look in the mirror and would love to have straighter teeth. However, the thought of having traditional braces for two years just feels an extremely lengthy process.  We are now introducing a revolutionary dental orthodontic treatment known as Fastbraces®.  This is a Safe, Tried & Tested Procedure.  This treatment is new to the United Kingdom but has been available in the United States for more than twenty years. 

Why pay more for slow braces? Pay less for fast braces!

Traditional braces work in two phases which is why they take up to two years.  The first year or phase moves the crown of the tooth and the second year or phase is moving the roots.  Fastbraces® will move the roots and the crown simultaneously, this means that your teeth are moved into position in less than one year.





Fastbraces are ideal for both children, especially as they are still developing, maybe more self conscious and this in turn will affect self confidence, moods and attitudes.  This faster technology is ideal for them as well as adults who struggle to speak up during a business meeting or enjoy the adventure of a first date. 

Fastbraces® work very quickly and are much more affordable, simply because you need less visits to the practice.  In today’s society we all lead very busy lives and we are considering more thoughtfully on how to spend. We agree. Why pay more for slow braces pay less for fast braces!

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