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NHS Dentistry

We offer a NHS dental service – the service offers a basic level of dentistry and will not include Hygienie Appointments, Cosmetic/Aesthetic and Implant services that we offer. You may also opt for specific treatments not available under the NHS such as The Inman Aligner, all Ceramic White Crowns, IV sedation, White Fillings on back teeth, Dental Implants, Invisalign or Orthodontic Treatment, or any treatments considered by the PCT to be Cosmetic.

We received a limited contract and once we have completed our units we will not be able to accept any NHS patients. At present we are unable to accept  new NHS patients.  
The contract runs from April to April and we will update this page and inform you of any changes.  We have compiled an Independent Fee Guide to help all our NHS patients existing and new, when our funding runs out.  

NHS dental charges from 1 April 2018

Band 1 course of treatment – £21.60

This covers an examination, diagnosis (example X-rays), advice on how to prevent future problems, a scale and polish with the dentist only.

Band 2 course of treatment – £59.10

This covers everything listed in the above Band 1, plus any further treatment such as fillings which are amalgam or silver fillings and any remedial direct work in dentistry not involving a dental laboratory.

Band 3 course of treatment – £256.50 

This covers everything listed in the above Bands 1 and 2, and laboratory made dental restorations such as gold alloy crowns on back teeth, and dentures.