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Practice Commitment to Staff Policy

Here at Escentics we are dedicated to providing the highest standards of care for our patients. An important part of this commitment to quality is that we believe in investing in the people who work for us. 

This policy describes our commitment to you and the responsibilities which all the members of the team have to each other. 

We will provide or arrange all the training that is necessary for you to perform your duties competently and safely. 

You will be provided with a written contract of employment and you are expected to comply with the terms set down. 

Your salary and benefits will be paid on the basis of your qualifications, experience and job performance within budgetary constraints. 

You will be consulted on all matters affecting your work and changes affecting the practice. 

Views and problems which relate to your work will be listened to and taken seriously. Any necessary remedial action will be taken. You have a responsibility to raise matters that concern you with management at an early stage. 

Responsibility and accountability will be delegated to team members within the constraints imposed by dental practitioners’ and ethical legal responsibilities. 

Grievances and complaints will be handled fairly and speedily. 

Regular and effective staff meetings will be held. 

You will be treated with courtesy and respect by the management and you are expected to treat other team members in the same manner. 

Flexible working arrangements will be provided whenever possible which take account of any outside caring responsibilities which you might have.


An appraisal system is in operation and individual performance standards will be set. 

Maintaining a high level of morale amongst employees is a serious priority for the management 

All employees will be treated equally regardless of sex, race, disability, family or marital status. 

There is a separate maternity policy in operation at the practice. 

In the event of a redundancy being necessary the redundant employee will be selected on the basis of fair and objective selection criteria.