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Practice Rules

We will instruct all our staff in our company's normal working procedures and all staff will be expected to follow these instructions carefully. The practice does not seek to impose unreasonably high standards of conduct on its employees but, to ensure that our patients receive the very best quality of care; everyone must follow the following rules. Failure to comply with these rules will render you liable to disciplinary action. 

Clinical Standards 

1.      The practice has a written health and safety policy, which must be complied with at all times. A copy of the policy is located in the CQC folder. 

2.      Our treatment is provided safely for both patients and ourselves and we adhere to the British Dental Association’s guidelines and CQC HTM01-05 guidleines for infection control. All employees are required to work in accordance with the guidelines, which are available from the Practice Manager.

3.      When working in the surgery, dental nurses, dental hygienists and dental therapists as well as reception staff and any other staff members must take particular care when

  • Handling and mixing materials
  • Handling instruments
  • Handling equipment. 

Any accidents, breakdown or damage must be reported to Dr Daljit Sohal or the Practice Manager without delay.  

Ethical and legal requirements 

4.      All personal information held by the practice about a patient must be kept confidential and not disclosed to third parties without the patient’s consent. The practice has a separate confidentiality policy which is attached at Appendix B. Compliance with the policy is essential and breaches of its provisions may result in summary dismissal. 

5.      The dentists, dental hygienists and dental therapists, dental nurses and receptionists  in the practice are bound by strict rules of professional conduct. They must ensure that they act in accordance with the General Dental Council’s guidance, Maintaining Standards, which is available from the Practice Manager.  

Personal conduct and appearance 

6.      Patients and colleagues must always be treated with courtesy and respect in a helpful, caring and friendly manner. Everyone is responsible for ensuring that a visit to our practice is pleasant and comfortable. The success of the practice depends on cooperation and teamwork and everyone is expected to play their part in achieving this. 

7.      Employees must wear the practice uniform including protective clothing and equipment where this is considered necessary by the management. Shoes must be low-heeled and suitable. Jewellery should be unobtrusive and not liable to become caught in any equipment. The overall appearance of all employees should be clean, neat and professional.  

8.      Strict punctuality regarding arrival times and return from lunch breaks must be observed at all times. 

Disciplinary action   

9.       Failure to follow these rules will result in disciplinary action being taken using the practice’s disciplinary procedure. 

These rules will be revised and updated from time to time