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Practice Underperformance Policy

If a team member has concerns about the performance of any of the clinicians, it is good practice for there to be a simple reporting policy so that everyone knows who to speak to and what will be done. 

This practice seeks to provide quality care for all its patients and to provide a safe and supportive environment for our team.  If you are concerned about any of our practice procedures or the standard of care provided by an individual member of the team, you should let us know so that we can investigate the matter thoroughly and take appropriate remedial action where necessary. It is important that you make us aware of any concerns you may have – even if, after investigation, they prove to be unfounded. 

Anyone who raises a matter with us in good faith will be supported and protected from any adverse consequences or reprisals. 

We will take disciplinary action against those who victimise a team member who has raised a genuine concern or where an untrue allegation has been made maliciously. 

If you are concerned about a practice procedure or the care provided by an individual you should raise the matter with the Practice Manager who will undertake the initial investigations in strict confidence. Any concern raised in this way will be taken seriously and you will be treated courteously and sympathetically. 

If you feel unable to discuss your concerns within the practice, you should contact Hillingdon PALS - Patient Advice and Liaison Service

Telephone PALS – 01895 488500


Address : Kirk House, Hillingdon PCT, 97-109 High Street, Yiewsley, UB7 7HJ 

Free confidential advice about whether or how to raise a concern can be obtained by calling Public Concern at Work on 020 7404 6609 or by visiting its website at 

What we will do 

As soon as we know that a team member is has concerns either about a practice system or an individual clinician, we will investigate the matter thoroughly, interview relevant individuals to gain a full account of the matter. We will maintain records of every stage of the investigation and report back to the concerned team member on the outcome of the enquiry and any proposed remedial action.