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Safe Use and Storage of Medicines Policy

Medicines may undergo chemical or physical deterioration especially when stored in extreme temperatures, damp or direct sunlight. It can reduce their therapeutic effectiveness and, if significant, have serious implications. Medicines should always be stored according to the manufacturer's recommendations. 

The Misuse of Drugs (Safe Custody) Regulations 1973 require certain controlled drugs, that is most schedule 2 and some schedule 3 drugs, to be kept in a locked container or cupboard which can only be opened by the dentist.  

Advice to be followed

1. Keep all medicines in the locked Drawer at the desk.

2. Stocks of medicines should be kept to the minimum required for routine needs and foreseeable emergencies. 

3. Regular stock checks should be carried out on the 1st and outdated stocks destroyed. 

4. Strict records of medicines should be kept.

5. Emergency drugs should be kept securely but be accessible at all times.

6. Follow the guidance of BDA Advice Sheet B9 (attached).

7. Follow the guidance of Misuse of drugs regulations (attached).

8. See also risk assessment re guidance for first aid at work.

9. Local anaesthetic should be emptied from cartridges before disposal. Emptying into a tissue and placing the tissue in the clinical waste is OK.

10.Out of date medicines can be taken to Boots or the local hospital who accept drugs for disposal.

Our agreement is with Boots across the road.